Thursday, June 23, 2011

Prajwala – The Eternal Flame

I have been an avid follower of TED ever since the beginning. One lazy afternoon I watched a simple young woman walk on to the stage and the next 13 minutes were the biggest shock of my life.

It was the 2009 TED talk by Dr. Sunitha Krishnan about forced sex-slavery (you can watch the video here)

Deeply disturbed, I decided to send an email to Dr. Krishnan asking how I could help. (To this day, I am overjoyed that she actually took the time to reply to my mail) Her reply was simple – “for the time being concentrate on your studies, get a good job, and then do something for Prajwala. Until then, just spread awareness and break the silence over this issue”, she said.

So here I am, doing what I promised her – to break the silence.

Prajwala is a non-governmental organization in Hyderabad, India, opposed to forced prostitution and sex trafficking. It was founded by Dr. Sunitha Krishnan, along with Br. Jose Vetticatil. Today, Prajwala runs over 17 transition centres in different areas of Andhra Pradesh for sex workers’ children. Over 5,000 children have benefited from the second generation prevention programme. The organization, so far, has rescued more than 2,500 victims with the help of the information provided by its partners and through police intervention.

What can YOU do???
Men – Sign the petition to support Men Against Demand (M.A.D.)
Ladies – Send this to your friends and ask them to sign up
(Click here for the petition)

Well, all the information you need is freely available on the internet. Anyways, I have provided various sources and links below. Like Dr. Krishnan says, spread the message. Let more people know about what is happening in our beloved country (and abroad). Let the government wake up and take notice. Let this spread like wildfire.

Contact details:

Dr. Sunitha Krishnan
Phone: +91 98480 25014

Washington D.C.
Ms. Lanna Walsh

Ms. Karen Mulhuaser

Ms. Beatrice

More Details:
20-4-34, III Floor, Behind Charminar Bus Stand
Charminar, Hyderabad
Andhra Pradesh, INDIA
Zip/Pin: 500 002
Ph: +91 40 24510290
Fax: +91 40 24410813

To support through donations, click here

If you are interested in serious volunteering opportunities, click here

To see Dr. Krishnan’s Blog, click here

Official Prajwala website, click here

For Facebook Users:
Official Page, click here
Dr. Sunitha Krishnan’s Profile, click here
Men Against Demand (M.A.D.) Page, click here

A Sincere Request:
To fellow bloggers: Please write about this (issue and Prajwala’s work). Let all your readers know.

To Facebook friends: Please share this post on your profile so that your friends also know about what is happening around us.

To Dr. Sunitha Krishan: Like I have already told you a number of times, you are my hero. I never forget to pray for you and the girls. God Bless You All!

Let the eternal flame of Prajwala spread and stay alive forever.

“...I have this deep-rooted belief that my life is a providence by itself, and God has brought me in this world to do what I'm doing, and God will allow me to stay in this world so long as he believes that my mission is not done, and therefore I do believe that the day God believes that my work is done, I'll be killed or I'll die naturally, or whichever way that is possible.”

-          Dr. Sunitha Krishnan

Another post I wrote: To read about a graphic novel, HUSH, that talks about similar issues of exploitation of children, click here


  1. I whole-heartedly support Prajwala in their wonderful endeavour. Thank you for this post. I will surely be blogging about this soon.

  2. Thank You, Sudeshna. I am sure we can make a difference...

  3. I too support Prajwala... Thnx for spreading the word...
    sharing it on twitter.. :)

  4. Thank you, Sanjana, for doing that!!!

  5. Great work, Nixx..keep up the good work. A supporter.

  6. niiixx...,reading ur post was like going through my own experience..i too came to know abt prajwala through her TED video.. and from an article in a magazine named mathrbhumi weekly.i was really inspired on knowing abt sunitha chechi..(it means elder sister)i too sent her a mail i too got a similar response like u got...,i too was much overjoyed on getting her response...,am spreading the message of prajwala and sunitha chehis activities in all the way i can.... ,as u said breaking the silence.. am much excited on reading ur post my friend..,we share similar experiences with prajwala....

  7. Akash, I am so glad u feel the same... And that U r doin ur best to spread what prajwala is doing... Thanks a lot for doing that... And yes, TED is doin a wonderful job, as alws... :)

  8. thank you soo much fo brngng aware..gr8 work u hav done :)

  9. i came to know about her from a magazine...since then i've been following her through her blog,fb account,prajwala's official website n d rest...after reading some of her blog posts i felt like i got a blow on my head...
    she became my hero too...
    n akash n nikhil,keep up your good work... :)
    i'll do my part too...all of us together can defenitly brk d silence...

  10. one of my colleague at work forwarded me the link to watch Dr. Sunitha Krishnan's speech at TED, India. It was a soul awakening speech for me. I am already preparing myself to be able to help Prajwala one day veryyy soooon. She is my soul idol as the PERFECT WOMAN.

    I faced a lot of issues due to two men in my life and got a lifetime gift of a disease from one of them. I was so broken down until i saw her video. Thought my life is over. But after listening to Sunitha's speech, I got courage to live my life again. and I will succeed in my life very sooon and achieve what I always wanted.

    Thank you for creating this blog and spreading the awareness.

  11. @Usha: I am tryin o do what I can... :)

  12. @Anonymous: I am so happy to see that even her video has brought some change to your life. May god give u the power and courage to live life.

  13. Thank you NNNiiiXXX. You are doing a wonderful job. May god bless you for being a part of such wonderful mission.

  14. Thanks a lot buddy... I am doin such a small thing considering the scale on which the Prajwala team is risking their life on a everday basis... God bless them...

  15. Very nice to know about Prajwala and people working towards the noble cause :) thanks for blogging this !

  16. hello NNNiiixxx,  Thanks for your blog man.  wonderful initiative.  should be appreciated.  i have started promoting ur blog along with Dr. Sunita's speech on TED to as many people as i could.  Great service.  Keep it up.

    Ilan s

  17. Thanks a zillion for doing that!!! And I am so glad your are speaking out too!!! Let us do what we can!!! :)



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