Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Oh! So you are a Shah Rukh Khan Fan?

Somehow, being a South Indian, my North Indian friends find it surprising that I even know a lot of old Hindi songs, maybe even more than they do. Thanks to my Dad who introduced me to the old melodies at a very young age. But that is probably the material for another post... Later...

So, the other day, while talking with a friend, I suddenly had a realization. The conversation was as follows:

"So, do you watch Hindi movies?" he asked

"Of course, I do!"
"So, what are the type of movies you like?" He looked really curious

"Err... Umm... I don't like slapstick comedies. They irritate me!"

"Acchha... Toh you like serious movies? Well, who is your favorite Bollywood actor?"

"Aamir Khan" pat came my reply

"Which are your favorite movies, then" This was starting to sound like an interview now. 

"Hmm... Taare Zameen Par, Swades, Chak de India..."

"Oh! So you are a Shah Rukh Khan fan then?" he was smiling

"Wait... What???"

"Yeah, 2 of the first 3 movies you said are SRK's" 

He went back to sipping his tea. I was lost in thought.

He is right. Swades and Chak de India are two movies I have seen countless times. Come to think of it, when I am feeling particularly down I watch the senseless comedy scenes in Om Shanti Om and when I am in the mood for action, I watch SRK's version of the movie Don.

For those of you who do not know who Shah Rukh Khan or SRK is (which rock do you live under?), he is probably the biggest thing for Indians after Sachin Tendulkar (who is god himself !). Of course there are people who think that SRK is lame and is a nobody when compared to Aamir (like me!) cos' they blindly believe so or have not realized it yet. And that is why he is called King Khan (we have so many actors with the Khan surname that we had to give him a title altogether!). And I must say, he has earned it.

So why is SRK so special? Cos' he has done and is still portraying all kindsa characters (remember the really, really lame Ra.One?) unlike Aamir who has taken film making more seriously (or so I thought until Delhi Belly). But then, SRK definitely enjoys a special place among other Khans, Kapoors, Khannas, and Kumars!

Once a friend told me that when you are arguing over who is the better film star, if there is a lady in the group, she will (involuntarily) support SRK even if she is not a big fan of his. A little bit of digging and another friend gave me the answer to this phenomenon - "It is cos' SRK never ever had a bad boy image. He is a family guy. You do not hear gossips about him with other actresses, nor does he play really steamy scenes on screen, and he tags his wife and/or kids along wherever he goes. A family guy always appeals to Indian women!". Note: This statement was made by a woman. I, for one, actually thought that it is the "bad-boy" characters that strike a chord with women, for e.g., Salman Khan. Speaking about Salman, (sorry to all the women who love him) - I just can't stand him - for one simple reason - he cannot act!!! No he can't!!! Tell me one movie where he has actually acted (if you say Dabangg I will jump from the top of the tallest building in Bangalore now!)

So, like I was saying, whatever the reasons maybe, but there is a little bit of an SRK fan in every Indian is what I conclude from this conversation. And to be honest, I would have never found out or have even agreed to this "accusation" if it wasn't for the conversation with my friend.

P.S. Both Swades and Chak de India did not do as good as movies like Dabangg in the box office. I don't know who to blame for it, probably the mass was not ready for such movies yet. Maybe that is the reason why SRK has also decided to do dumb movies like Ra.One now! But atleast he does have a few good, sensible movies to his credit. Great going King Khan. Now let me get back to watching Swades... Again... ;)


  1. Yeyy... SRK rocks... love him or hate him, He is the King Khan. Am a huge fan.

    I cant even imagine anyone else portraying Kabir Khan in Chakde.. No, not even aamir.. yeah..these days many people believe that aamir is more talented and versatile actor than Sharukh and many irrationally vouch for aamir after Taare zameen par happened. But long back, even when Ammir was doing chocolatey roles, SRK acted in Fauji which was awesome.

    Yenna rascala ... mind it :D

    1. ROFL... Awesumm comment... One more lady-fan for SRK... Jus confirms the theory... Everyone loves SRK... They just do not know it yet...

      "Mind it" is right!!!

  2. wow Srk-swifter,rockier,kooler!When it comes to wit and subtle humor coupled with sensuality,no-one comes close..interesting convo!!loved the sentence---'whick rock do you live!' :)

    1. Damn right.. He is quite the all-rounder, isn't he??? Thanks a lot.. Glad you liked it...

  3. dude i m a huge fan of SRK although all his recent movies have been disasters :D. i can write a book on why i like SRK or 'I THINK' he rocks. dunno how many times i have watched 'outer world of shah rukh khan', at times i get sick of his promotions and dishonesty but then i watch this documentary and i love him again. and yes dabangg sucks big time, just want photographs of the jury members who gave it national award

    1. Wow! We r practically brothers here, then. I am searching for the jury members too... And there are really very few people on planet earth who do not like Dabangg... Actually, just for writing like this, I could make some enemies and lose a few followers!!! :P

  4. hey hold on, jump off the tallest building if u want to but don't say anything against Dabangg. Finally after 2 decades Sallu bhai showed some emotions, some feelings, some action-reaction on his face & body in that movie. without dabangg he would've gone to his grave with absolutely no movie worth its name to his credit. :)

    he is a star. period. he can't act. period. but pls, dabangg ko side mein rakho :)

    there was a time i liked SRK & his films. but in the recent years all his releases have been extremely tiring to say the least. Sathya actually snored thru Ra.One & Don2 made me want to ask for a refund from the Vaibhav theatre guys who know us well by now because it is our second home. :D

    you were right about the thing with SRK & women. the family guy, the loyal man. also, he started from scratch. worked his way up. for that i respect him. a lot.

    1. OK. I was SURE that you will be the first one to go up supporting Dabangg. While writing this post, I remembered your post on Sallu. So I went back to "Conversations" and looked for it. But couldnt find it. So I tght maybe it wasnt urs (was it?)!!!

      I know he is a star. But I am not for how much of an "actor" he is! Guess we have to agree to disagree... :)

      The fault is yours ;) having watched Ra.One and Don 2 in a hall itself is a crime!!! hehe! I am not saying that all his movies are good. But that there are some movies that you definitely cant forget.

      Thanks for adding that - he did work up from scratch! I forgot to add that! :)

  5. Errr!! I do not like SRK. Though I did like Veer Zara but he has never been the most favourite. And, I LIKE BAD GUYS! Not that I like Salman, I like Robert Downy Jr. He was a bad ass in life :D and emerged well too. I like Charlie Sheen a lot for that matter.

    Hmm. I do prefer Aamir over SRK.

  6. BTW -- I have seen SRK in real life :) He looks fine :)

    1. Cud we be more different! I hated Veer-Zaara... But I definitely luv RB jr. He is awesome! And to be honest, I have not seen many Charlie Sheen fans... :)

      And hey, I prefer Aamir over SRK too... Jus saying that SRK has sum 'not-bad' movies to his credit... Have never seen him in real life though!!! Did catch a glimpse of Deepika, Preity and Katrina during IPL matches in Bangalore... :)

  7. @Nikhil: yeah i wrote on Sallu long back under the post "The Promise". you remembered it? so sweet of u. aak tak us post ko ek bhi comment nai mila. must go search for some sallu fans now :DD

    hey i agree with you completely that Sallu can't act. he is not an actor. just a star. (uh!oh ! i just heard the track of MLTR at the back of mind now :))) while i typed out those last lines

    so anyways no ques of agreeing to diasgree
    cheers :)

    1. Okay, I forgot the post's name was "The Promise"! Found it now!!! :) Thanks! And today u have ur first comment for that post too.. So congrats! (Dont kill me after reading it!) And talkin bout MLTR's version - I am sure Sallu that though sallu is not an actor, but he is a star. And he definitely owns a car!!! ;) And you will love him anyway!!! :)



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