Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Rapid Fire Questions - Part 8

Difficulty level - 3 Low, 4 Medium, 3 High

1. Anna Kournikova belongs to which nationality?

Answer – Russian

2. The Country Burma is also known by the name

Answer – Myanmar

3. Scotch whiskey is made primarily from the malted form of which cereal crop?

Answer – Barley

4. Which country won the first Football World Cup tournament?

Answer – Uruguay

5. Who first started the system of the leap year?

Answer – Julius Caesar

6. What was the capital of Andhra Pradesh before Hyderabad?

Answer – Kurnool

7. Which famous award ceremony was first held on May 16, 1929

Answer – Academy Awards

8. Jerry Yang and David Filo are the founders of which famous company?

Answer – Yahoo!

9. Which was the first Indian public sector bank to launch the Visa card in India in 1981?

Answer – Andhra Bank

10. What is the national tree of India?

Answer – Banyan

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